Maintenance and repair works

Maintenance and repair works. Know-how and experience

This activity represents about 50% of our business. We offer repairs that are the most appropriate for the situation, using our extensive knowledge of the materials involved (steel or brick liners, composite materials FRP),our experience of stack extension and of new concrete skin on existing chimneys etc).
The chimneys are subject to many constraints. Inside, we find heating effects due to the temperature of evacuated gases and effects of corrosions due to the polluting elements contained. Outside, we find effects mechanical due to the wind and effects of corrosions caused by the industrial environments accentuated by the rain.
To control the wear of the chimneys, we operate:
On the metal chimneys (measurement of corrosion, checking of the assemblies, Cleaning, Control of the accessories),
On the concrete or bricks chimneys (of hoopings, modifications, corsets, the finishing of the joints and cracks, given in state of the accessories such lightning conductors, ladders, aviation paintings, protective and decorative).
Our specialized knowledge of materials (steel,concrete, brick, composite materials etc ) guarantes the quality of our repair work. We work regular basis  abroad  relying as much as possible on local manpwoer and products, but bringing our experience, organizational capabilities, specialized equipment and site management expertise to each project.

Videos maintenance & repair

Complete refurbishing of a concrete stack in a French refinery
(inner liner, external coating, aircraft warning ligths, lightning protection)

Lithuania 2006

Refurbishing of concrete chimney for a glass production unit in Belgium.

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