FERBECK INDUSTRIAL CHIMNEYS carries out any type of classical expertise, provides to the client reports and recommendations for maintenance, repair works or modification.

FERBECK INDUSTRIAL CHIMNEYS is also is one of the most famous company for hot video inspections of operating stacks.
Hot inspections give an idea of the actual state of the internal part of operating stack and show any potential dysfunctions. We can assess potential problems and determine the required repairs using video equipment that allows inspections in temperatures up to 400°C (750°F).
In industry, all production shutdowns must be as short as possible, so this type of inspection is particularly important as it allows repairs to be scheduled, the repair work planned and the necessary materials delivered in advance.

The operator as well as the client can observe on line the inspection from ground level
Operator on line
Brick liner observed by hot video plant operation
Brick Liner
Hot video inspection
Hot video inspection
Site measurment of a vibrating stack prior installation of a vibration damper
Site measurment